European Corporate Reporting Lab

The European Lab serves the European public interest and its objective is to stimulate innovations in the field of corporate reporting.


Calling on the investor community: Help improve global corporate reporting.

Programme for EFRAG outreach event: ‘Better Information on Intangibles...

​The programme for the EFRAG outreach event on 30 May 2022, 12:00 – 14:30 is now available. Register for the event here.

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EFRAG holds a new public educational session on EDs draft ESRS E3 & E4...

This is a new educational session jointly for the EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Board (SRB) and the EFRAG Sustainability Reporting TEG (SR TEG) on the Exposure Drafts (EDs) on draft ESRS E3 Water and marine resources and draft...

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EFRAG FRB webcast meeting 20 May 2022

​EFRAG announces that it will hold its EFRAG FRB webcast meeting on Friday 20 of May 2022. To watch the live webcast please click here.

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