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Colin Martin

​Colin has over 22 years of financial sector experience gained through both his work the KPMG’s Banking assurance practice and his work as an IFRS conversion and technical accounting specialist.  He spends approximately 25% of his time as part of the KPMG global leadership team dealing with financial instruments.
Colin leads KPMG’s Accounting Advisory and Assurance service for Banking in the United Kingdom. He has advised financial institutions in various capacities, including the application of macro hedging under IAS 39, provision of accounting advice on complex structured products and conversion to IFRS/application of new accounting standards.
Colin provides technical accounting advice regarding IFRS 9 across the UK, Europe and Globally and is a member of the IFRS 9 Technical Steering Committee at a major UK financial institution. He regularly interacts with the IASB and represents KPMG with both the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. In addition, he recently represented KPMG working on EDTF IFRS 9 recommendations and the GPPC publication for Audit Committee chairs.  Renowned in the marketplace as one of the foremost specialists in derivative and hedge accounting, he has recently completed a full review of a major European Bank’s hedging program for compliance with IFRS 9.
He has provided thought leadership presentations for the Audit Committee Institute, the International Society of Corporate Treasurers, the ICAEW FS faculty and others.  He is a member of the financial instruments working group for the ICAEW.
Colin represents KPMG UK in its dealings with the Basel III Accounting Task Force, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the European Banking Federation and the International Banking Federation.