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Araceli Mora

​Araceli Mora is a full professor in Accounting and Finance at the University of Valencia (Spain).

She has participated in the three major accounting regulation research projects financed by the European Commission since 1993 and published academic articles in international journals, mainly in the area of international accounting, economic effects of accounting standards, earnings management and conservatism.

Editor of the Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting for 10 years, she is the incoming editor of the journal of the European Accounting Association (EAA) “Accounting in Europe” (2018-2020). Member of the EAA since 1992, she served the association as a member of the first EAA-Financial Reporting Standard Committee, as elected EAA Board member (representing Spain), member of the EAA Scientific Committee and member of the EAA Management Committee.

She participated in the working groups for the elaboration of the Spanish Local GAAP (PGC 2007).

She was an EFRAG-TEG member for six years (2009-2015).