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Erlend Kvaal

​Erlend Kvaal was appointed EFRAG TEG Member in January 2020 and he is the Chair of the EFRAG Academic Panel.

He is a professor of accounting at BI Norwegian Business School and holds PhD in economics.

Erlend has been active in accounting standard setting since 1998, and since 2005 he has been chairing the technical committee of the Norwegian Accounting Standards Board until 2017.

Prior to his academic career, Erlend was a civil servant in the Norwegian public administration. 1985 – 1990 he served at the Central Bank of Norway with responsibilities for capital controls and the deregulation of these. 1990 – 1998 he was at the Ministry of Finance, dealing with financial market regulation, banking crisis and pension reform.

In 2014, Erlend was appointed by the Norwegian government to head a committee that will make proposal for a new accounting legislation.

End of term: March 2021