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04/09/2019 - Call for input from crypto-assets experts'

EFRAG is seeking input from crypto-assets experts' on its research project with the objective of identifying and proposing solutions for accounting challenges that are not addressed within existing IFRS Standards.

As part of the research and to fully identify the accounting issues, EFRAG is seeking to engage with subject matter experts and practitioners within the crypto-assets ecosystem and related activities including the following:
  • Issuance via initial coin offerings and similar offerings;
  • Holding/investing activities & payment services;
  • Custodial and storage services;
  • Mining services.

The outreach will be conducted during the months of September - November 2019 through phone interviews that should take between 45 minutes to one hour. Related questions will be shared before the interview.

More information about the outreach can be found here​.

Should you be interested in participating in EFRAG's outreach on crypto-assets, please respond to