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Giuseppe Milici

Senior Manager in Sustainability Services in Deloitte & Touche I have experience in advisory and assurance for sustainability services, risk management and corporate governance for over ten years.
The long experience in sustainability, risk management and internal audit, both as advisor and at company level is blended with an inner curiosity for everything that is related to the environment and social topics. I am enthusiast and interested to themes related to climate change, innovation, stakeholder engagement and accountability.

I’ve been involved as a manager and PMO in national and international projects with client companies belonging to various industries mainly in the industrial and energy&utilities. I have understood how the communication and transparency of information, and so reporting, is crucial to engage the different categories of stakeholders. I believe that the disclosure and transparency of non-financial information is necessary to understand the performance of a company ant the value and impact that it create for the community and the country where operates.