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EFRAG frequently updates the Endorsement Status Report.

 The report  provides an overview of IFRS Standards and IFRS interpretations pending endorsement. This overview is updated upon an IFRS Standard or IFRS Intepretation being issued by the IASB, EFRAG issuing its draft and final endorsement advice, and the ARC voting in favour of endorsement. It includes mention of the IASB effective date, an indication of when the various decisions, including final endorsement, are expected to be made and of whether the time-table is compatible with the IASB effective date.  

The report further contains a list of all IFRS, amendments to IFRS and IFRS Interpretations endorsed in the EU, providing for each of them the date when it became effective in the EU, the date the endorsement decision was made and the date when it was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The latest version can be downloaded here

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