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15/11/2018 - European Lab Steering Group appointed

​The EFRAG General Assembly has appointed the Steering Group for the new European Corporate Reporting Lab (the ‘European Lab@EFRAG’).

The EFRAG General Assembly has appointed the members of the inaugural Steering Group of the European Lab@EFRAG (the 'European Lab Steering Group'), selected from a broad range of stakeholder groups and national backgrounds. The appointment of the members of the European Lab Steering Group is for a two-year term and is subject to renewal.

Jean-Paul Gauzès is the Chairman of the European Lab Steering Group; the Vice-Chairman is Alain Deckers, European Commission.

The newly-appointed members are:

  • Hilde Blomme, accountancy profession, Belgian
  • Ossian Ekdahl, company, Swedish
  • Simonetta Ferrari, company, Italian
  • Elisabeth Gambert, company, Austrian
  • Sebastien Godinot, civil society, French
  • Filip Gregor, civil society, Czech
  • Imre Guba, user, Hungarian
  • Albert Hasselmeyer, company, German
  • Nancy Kamp- Roelands, accountancy profession, Dutch
  • Esko Antero Kivisaari,  financial services, Finnish
  • Arlene McCarthy, other stakeholders, Irish
  • Flavia Micilotta, user, Italian
  • J.Jason Mitchell, user, British
  • Linda Nielsen, academic, Danish
  • Steven Marcus Tebbe, civil society, German

The European Lab Steering Group will meet for the first time on 27 November 2018. To mark the launch of the European Lab@EFRAG there will also be a networking reception with welcome speeches by Elina Melngaile, member of cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis, and Jean-Paul Gauzès.