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Maria Dolores Urrea Sandoval

​Maria Urrea is graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Murcia, she holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and is Bachelor of Arts with honors in Business in Europe from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

She belongs to the Superior Body of State Insurance Inspectors, who has the competence in Spain to supervise insurance companies and pension funds.

She started her career in the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (Ministry of Economy and Business) as an insurance inspector, and in 2005 she joined the Accounting and Auditing Institute (ICAC), the Spanish Accounting Standard Setter.

Currently she is Deputy Subdirector General for Accounting Standards in the ICAC, Secretary of its Accounting Consultative Committee and a member of the ICAC Board.