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Express your views

EFRAG runs an open due process, the results of which contribute to the determination of EFRAG's positions. EFRAG launches public consultations on its Discussions Papers, Draft Comment letters and Draft Endorsement Advices in order to stimulate comments and expression of views by European stakeholders.

EFRAG organises also, most often in coordination with National Standard Setters in Europe and the IASB, outreach events open to the public. Those events are an opportunity to hear views directly from European constituents and stimulate debate.

Please find below the list of public consultations which are open at present and of the upcoming events to which you are invited to participate. Details are provided that include comment letter publication or event registration forms.

All comments will be on the public record and posted on our website unless the respondent requests confidentiality. Such requests will not normally be granted unless supported by good reason, for example, commercial confidence. Please see our website for details on this and how we use your personal data here.​

Publications open for comments & Outreach events