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Anne Laning

​Anne Laning is member of the management board as Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFO/COO) at TKP Investments (TKPI) since 2009. TKPI is an independent operating business unit within Aegon Asset Management. Anne is head of the department Accounting & Control. Previously he was a controller at TKP Pensioen and from 2006 till 2009 he was the Financial Director at TKP Pensioen. Anne is also chairman of the Committee on Accounting and Administrative Costs of the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds for 10 years, member of the DASB-working group on pension accounting and member of PensionsEurope’s Accounting Working Group. Since 2000, he is also lecturer on the subject of accounting and reporting for pensions.

Anne is a registered accountant and management accountant and studied Information Management at University NIVRA Nyenrode. He has published several articles and research on accounting in the field of pensions. The most recent article, titled “Actual risk sharing in the Dutch Pension System, empirical research”, was published in October 2016 in the Dutch academic journal MAB.