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Patrice Kalfon

​Patrice Kalfon worked for 12 years at Arthur Andersen as a financial and IT auditor. There he developed an expertise on actuarial audit, pension valuation and accounting. He was the former CFO of ARIAL (Insurer Leader of Pension Plan Outsourcing) and Chief Accountant Officer and Chief Actuarial Officer of its mother company AG2R La Mondiale : 17 Billions annual premium and 30 Billions Asset Under Management when he managed the company 7 years ago.

Today, he runs an advisory company providing expert advice to leading insurance companies on various topics such as accounting rules (French GAAP and IFRS - IAS39, IFRS 9 and IFRS 4 - Phase 1 and 2), Solvency 2, Capital optimisation, Risk valuation, Tariffs and Reinsurance. He also provides financial and actuarial services to clients on accounting and actuarial valuation on their post employment obligations under IAS19.

He is a member of the French Actuarial Institute. He is a chartered accountant and a regulatory auditor (Inscrit au tableau de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables de la Région Paris Ile de France, Membre de la Compagnie Régionale des Commissaires aux Comptes de Versailles). He is a former teacher at Université Paris 9 Dauphine on the actuarial master level giving lessons on Compensation & Benefits actuarial techniques. He has also written a book entitled « L’actuariat des engagements sociaux – Evaluation, Comptabilisation, Acteurs » in Economica 2004.