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Giorgio Acunzo

​Giorgio Alessio Acunzo is an EY Associate Partner and he is currently in charge of the IFRS Desk for the Italian Country; he is certified public accountant and auditor under the Italian regulation.
Giorgio has developed over the years a significant experience in dealing with accounting matters related to Rate-regulated entities from all angles (e.g. professional practice, standard setting). Furthermore, he is currently deeply involved in the industry as technical reviewer and advisor on almost all Rate-regulated entities engagements at EY Italy.
Giorgio has developed a very in-depth knowledge of current accounting practices of Rate-regulated entities and their linkage with accounting framework being a subject matter expert involved by the EY Italian audit teams when dealing with revenue recognition, presentation and disclosures, service concession arrangements, business combinations, leases, and financial instruments.
Before joining EY Italy, Giorgio had been working as project (technical) manager at EFRAG for 4 years and he was involved in a number of different projects such as the ones on rate-regulated activities. 
Giorgio is currently involved at local level with the National standard setter as member of the Rate-regulated working group of the OIC; he is also a member of the OIC IFRS working group.
Giorgio teaches the IFRS courses both at ICHEC in Brussels (IFRS) and at LUMSA in Rome (IFRS Financial Reporting and Analysis). He is also author of several publications on IFRS topics.