Workgroup member photo

Linda Nielsen

​Linda Nielsen (Copenhagen, 1952) obtained a Doctorate degree in law from the University of Copenhagen in 1993. Since 1996 she has been Professor. In the period 2002-2006 she was Rector (Vice-chancellor) at the University of Copenhagen, which embraces a great variety of scientific fields, including Social Sciences, Health, Science, Law, Theology and Humanities. She was also president of the board of University Presidents, consisting of all the universities in Denmark. She has for 12 years been member of EU´s Ethics Committeee (EGE) advising the EU president, she has been special advisor to the EU-Commissioner for Education and alternate member of EU´s Fundamental Rights Agency. In Denmark she has for 9 years been chairman of the Danish National Commission for Unesco and in 2004-2005 member of a Globalisation Council, chaired by the Danish Prime Minister. She is now chairman of the Danish NCP (National Contact Point to the OECD) regarding social responsibility.