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Michele Lacroix


Michèle Lacroix started at CCBP (now Natixis) on fixed income before spending 10 years at Legal & General Asset Management as portfolio manager then Chief Executive Officer. She joined SCOR Global Investments in 2008 as Chief Investment Officer before becoming Chief Operating Officer. She moved in 2014 as Head of Group Investment Office at SCOR, in charge of SCOR’s portfolios monitoring and of ESG strategy on investments.
She is member of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission and Chair of the Project Task Force on Climate-Related Reporting at EFRAG.

European Lab PTF on Climate-related Reporting (PTF-CRR)

​The European Lab Project Task Force (PTF) on Climate-related Reporting has been established in February 2019. The members were appointed by the European Lab Steering Group. 

The PTF on Climate-related Reporting will assess the current state of play of climate-related reporting by European companies and assess the current and potential use of climate-related information by investors and other users. The primary focus will be on the TCFD recommendations with consideration of other reporting frameworks as appropriate and taking account of the EC’s non-binding guidelines on non-financial reporting, which will be updated in 2019 with regard to climate-related disclosures. The PTF is responsible for the operation of the project, including planning, specific issues selection, conducting stakeholder consultative outreach activities, and the project report and other deliverables, as decided on by the PTF.

The European Lab PTF on Climate-related Reporting is supported by the EFRAG Secretariat.

The members of the PTF are (please click on Members' names to view their profiles):

Name Job title
Michele Lacroix PTF CRR Chair
Faure-Schuyer Aurelie PTF CRR member
Michel Bande PTF CRR member
Piotr Biernacki PTF CRR member
Jean-Francois Coppenolle PTF CRR member
Eric Dugelay PTF CRR member
Elena Flor PTF CRR member
Christina Friborg PTF CRR member
Andrea Gasperini PTF CRR member
Genuardi Giulia PTF CRR member
Andreas Horn PTF CRR member
Jane Thostrup Jagd PTF CRR member
Andre Jakobs PTF CRR member
Bertrand Janus PTF CRR member
Kristina Jeromin PTF CRR member
Anna Lindberg PTF CRR member
Alexandra Middleton PTF CRR member
Miroslav Petkov PTF CRR member
Alice Peyrard PTF CRR member
Nicole Röttmer PTF CRR member
Matthias Schmidt PTF CRR member
Michael Zimonyi PTF CRR member
Antonio Fuertes Zurita PTF CRR member