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13/03/2020 - EFRAG announces the composition of its Advisory Panel on Intangibles

​EFRAG TEG has approved the composition of the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles. EFRAG welcomes Florian Bercault, Ian Bishop, Giorgio Calimani, ​Laure Chatillon, Alexandre Goncalves, Laurine Lemon, Gianluca Manca, Marietta Miemietz, Bertrand Perrin, Laurent Pieraerts, Jochem Quaak, Ivars Strautins, Jeremy Stuber, Ton van Ooijen, Jesús Valero and​ Hanno Wulbrand as members of the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles.​

​At its March 2020 meeting, EFRAG TEG approved the composition of the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles (EFRAG API).

The EFRAG API will play an important role in providing accounting and industry expertise to EFRAG TEG, on specific aspects of intangibles. The EFRAG API aims at facilitating dialogue, identifying issues on the current guidance and helping practical solutions to emerge. It will provide views on what information investors need (but cannot find in the financial statements) on how an entity creates, maintains, expands and/or preserves value and what information can be prepared.

EFRAG TEG Chairwoman, Chiara Del Prete, welcomed the members of the EFRAG API and said, "I look forward to the input and expertise the members, with their backgrounds as preparers, users and valuators, will bring to the debate and to our research project on Better Information on Intangibles".

The composition of the EFRAG API, effective as of 6 March 2020, is as follows:

Florian Bercault User
Ian Bishop
​Giorgio Calimani​
Laure ChatillonValuator
Alexandre GoncalvesPreparer
Laurine LemonPreparer
Gianluca MancaUser
Marietta MiemietzUser
Bertrand Perrin Preparer
Laurent PieraertsPreparer 
Jochem QuaakValuator
Ivars StrautinsValuator
Jeremy StuberUser
Ton van OoijenUser
Jesús ValeroValuator
Hanno WulbrandPreparer


The CFA Institute has been granted observer status with speaking rights. Staff of EFRAG member organisations can participate as observers without speaking rights.