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IAS 32 Amendments - Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Presentation


The IASB's main objectives with regard to improving IAS 32 were:  

  • to provide additional guidance on selected matters - such as the measurement of the components of a compound financial instrument on initial recognition, and the classification of derivatives based on an entity's own shares - and to locate all disclosures relating to financial instruments in one standard.
  • to replace the following Interpretations and draft Interpretation:
    • SIC-5 Classification of Financial Instruments - Contingent settlement Provisions;

    • SIC-16 Share Capital - Reacquired Own Equity Instruments (Treasury Shares);

    • SIC-17 Equity - Costs of an Equity Transaction; and

    • draft SIC-D34 Financial Instruments - Instruments or Rights Redeemable by the Holder.

On 8 July 2008 EFRAG published its Endorsement Advice to the European Commission (documents can be found bellow).

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