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Andreas Barkman

Andreas currently holds a position at EEA as an Expert on Sustainable Finance and coordination. In that capacity he is leading EEA's work in the sustainable finance policy area including managing an in-house team. He has been appointed as EEA's permanent representative in the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance. Previously he has been EEA's lead representative in the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance as well as in the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. Andreas is also co-chairing the Green Finance group in the network of European EPAs. At EEA he has previously held various management, project lead and expert positions with a particular focus on climate change including the EU ETS and EU monitoring and reporting under the UNFCCC.
Andreas also has experience from corporate multinational environmental reporting and environmental consulting. He holds a PhD in mathematical modelling of environmental systems with focus on transboundary air pollution policy.