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Jed Wrigley

Jed is a chartered accountant who joined Fidelity in 1993 as an Equity Analyst covering a number of sectors including industrials and insurance in Europe.

From 1996 to 2005, Jed managed UK Equity mandates, investing in all sectors of the market. Jed became FIL’s Director of Accounting and Valuation in 2006 and was responsible for implementing a standardised valuation and modelling framework for the equity research team until 2007.

In this role he also took on engagement with accounting standard setters such as the IASB and FASB, as well as regulators and other stakeholders including the FRC and EFRAG. He has served on a number of advisory committees as an expert user for the IASB, FASB, CBI and EFRAG, as well as being an active participant in the CRUF.

Jed currently works as Senior Advisor for Eight Roads, the proprietary investing division of FIL where he is responsible for portfolio governance and oversight. He has also served as one of FIL’s pension trustees since 2008.

End of term: March 2021.