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14/04/2014 | EFRAG's report on the findings from the limited survey on the proposed simplifications to IASB ED Leases

EFRAG released a report that summarises the findings from a limited survey on the proposed simplifications to the accounting for lessees under IASB’s Exposure Draft Leases. The limited survey was carried out by EFRAG in association with the standards setters from France, Germany, Italy and the UK (ANC, ASCG, FRC and OIC, respectively).

In February 2014, EFRAG and the National Standard Setters from France, Germany, Italy and the UK carried out a joint limited survey, in a form of a questionnaire.

The objective of the limited survey was to consult with European constituents in order to understand which areas of the ED’s accounting model for lessees needed to be simplified the most and to assess the usefulness and workability of the simplifications contained in the IASB staff papers for discussion at the IASB meeting in March 2014. Subject to the limitations and constraints set forth in the report, the findings of the limited survey mainly indicated the following:

  • A majority of respondents supported additional recognition exemptions beyond the current short-term exemption,
  • A majority of respondents indicated their preference for a single type A model for all leases. However, some respondents would support a single model only if the distinction between leases and services was improved in the forthcoming standard.

EFRAG and National Standard Setters would like to thank all those that participated in this limited survey.

The report can be downloaded below.

      Document : EFRAG_limited_survey_on_the_simplifications_to_ED_Lease.pdf
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