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22/05/2013 | EFRAG and the National Standard Setters ANC, ASCG, FRC and OIC invite companies to participate in field-testing of the proposed accounting guidance for leases

On 16 May 2013, the IASB issued the revised Exposure Draft Leases (ED) to propose changes in the accounting guidance for arrangements that are or contain leases. As one of the consequences, lessees will be required for all arrangements that would fall into the definition of a lease to recognise and measure right-of-use assets at cost and lease liabilities at the present value of the lease payments. EFRAG and the National Standard Setters are performing a field-test in order to evaluate how these proposals would affect European companies applying IFRS. This field-test is carried out by EFRAG with the National Standard Setters ANC, ASCG, FRC and the OIC.

What is the objective of this field-test?

This field-test is meant to help to understanding the nature, terms and conditions of lease arrangements currently in use and the implications of the proposed guidance; whether the proposed guidance creates implementation or operational difficulties; and what effort would be required to implement and apply the proposed guidance.

When and how will this field-test be conducted?

This field-test will start on 3 June 2013 and completed questionnaires should be returned by 31 July 2013.

EFRAG and the National Standard Setters have developed the questionnaire which participants are requested to complete. The questionnaire asks participants to identify arrangements for which accounting requirements would change as a result of the ED and tentatively apply the guidance in accordance with the ED to them. Additionally, follow-up interviews may be conducted by EFRAG and the National Standard Setters.

The information provided to EFRAG and the National Standard Setters will remain confidential. Information used in any reports will be presented in such a way that no individual company or person can be identified. However, the list of participants in the field-test will be made public, unless participants explicitly request anonymity. The output of the field-test will be shared between EFRAG, the National Standard Setters, the European Commission and the IASB.

Would you like to participate?

EFRAG and the National Standard Setters encourage all entities that believe they are significantly impacted by the proposals to participate in the field-test.

If you would like to participate in the field-test, please contact your designated point of contact as described hereafter. Participants are encouraged to contact their respective National Standard Setter (as per the table below) where possible. Otherwise participants should contact EFRAG. Upon receipt of your request for participation you will receive a copy of the questionnaire.




Contact name

Phone number

E-mail address

All other countries


Robert Stojek

+32 (0)2 210.44.00



Ségolène de Cailleux

+33 (0)1



Hermann Kleinmanns

+49 (0)30 20641216



Federica Girolami

+39 06 69766835



Grant Chatterton

+44 (0)20 7492.2426


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