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EFRAG 15 Years Anniversary Event

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# Agenda item Start time End time Presenters Documents
  Welcome lunch and registration 12:30 13:45 Summary Report EFRAG Anniversary Event.pdf
  Welcome speech 13:45 14:00 Andrew Watchman Opening Speech Andrew Watchman.pdf
  Keynote speech 14:00 14:15 Matthew Baldwin Keynote Speech Matthew Baldwin.pdf
  Testing your knowledge of EFRAG after the Maystadt reform 14:15 14:35 Françoise Flores
  Round-Table: Developing effect analyses for IFRS 14:35 15:45 Claes Norberg, Hans Hoogervorst, Erik Nooteboom, Kris Peach, Patrick de Cambourg, Joachim Gassen
  Coffee break 15:45 16:15
  Conversation: reflecting on EFRAG's past, present and future 16:15 16:40 Andrew Watchman, Stig Enevoldsen, Peter Walton
  Round-Table: Financial Reporting by Small Listed Companies 16:40 17:50 Olivier Boutellis-Taft, Michel Prada, Peter Malmqvist, Andrew Watchman, Valerie Kinon, Roger Marshall
  Closing speech 17:50 18:00 Jean-Paul Gauzes Closing Speech Jean-Paul Gauzes.pdf
  Drinks 18:00 19:30