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Carsten Zielke

EFRAG User Panel Vice-Chairman; EFRAG TEG Observer

Between July 1992 and April 1993 Carsten was a trainee with Centrale de Bilans of Banque de France, Paris where he worked on the development of valuation criteria of exporting companies for an expert system.

From July 1994 until June 1997 he worked as a Consultant with Associés en Finance, Paris and was in charge of the Implementation of Security Market Line models at Zürcher Kantonalbank and HSBC Trinkaus.

Carsten then spent 10 years as Chief Analyst Insurance at WestLB in Düsseldorf, managing a team of 4 analysts and 1 assistant in charge of analysing Allianz, CNP and special insurance topics. He specialised in Asset Liability and accounting issues and was nominated Deputy Head of Research in July 06.

From 2008 to 2012, he worked for Société Générale as Senior Insurance ALM analyst/ Managing Director.

In 2012, he founded and became the Managing Director of Zielke Research Consult GmbH in Aachen, which is specialized in analysing and consulting insurance companies in asset-liability-management, regulatory and accounting issues.

Carsten is a former EFRAG TEG Member who served for the maximum of 6 years from 2006 until 2012. Since his mandate of EFRAG TEG Member terminated, Carsten has been the Vice-Chairman of EFRAG User Panel and Observer of the EFRAG Technical Expert Group. He has remained a Member of the EFRAG Insurance Accounting Working Group.


EFRAG User Panel

The EFRAG User Panel provides input, from a user perspective, on important and topical accounting issues that EFRAG's Technical Expert Group (EFRAG TEG) are considering. The EFRAG User Panel has three physical meetings in Brussels combined with three conference calls in between the meetings.

EFRAG is calling on the user community to be involved in EFRAG’s activities. Investors have an important role to play in improving the quality of financial reporting and ensure that IFRS provide investors and other capital providers (users of financial statements) with the information they need to support investment decisions and build trust in the capital markets. You can find a short brochure setting out why users should be involved and how they can be involved here.

The European Commission  and the IASB have been granted observer status.

The current members of the EFRAG User Panel are (please click on Members' names to view their profiles):

Name Job title
Carsten Zielke EFRAG User Panel Vice-Chairman; EFRAG TEG Observer
Andrea Bellucci Professor of Accounting, University of Perugia
Martijn Bos Eumedion Representative
Luca D'Onofrio EFFAS FAC member - AIAF Board Member
Hilary Eastman CRUF Coordinator
Javier de Frutos Chairman EFFAS FAC
Jacques de Greling Director - Corporate Ratings (Scope Ratings)
Sam Holland Senior Director, Accounting Officer (Standard & Poor’s)
Dennis Jullens Academic (University of Amsterdam)
Thomas Justinussen Chief Analyst (Danskebank)
Peter Malmqvist Financial Analyst (Malmqvist EQR AB)
Felipe Herranz Martin Senior Lecturer in Accounting (UAM), Board Member (AECA)
Serge Pattyn Independent Consultant
Marie-Pascale Peltre Independent Financial Analyst
Chiara Del Prete EFRAG User Panel Chairwoman
Richard Schreuder Senior portfolio manager (Saemor Capital)
Ian Sealy Fund Manager (Neptune IM)
Norbert Seeger PensionsEurope
Jerome Vial Managing Director (CPM Advisory)
Jed Wrigley EFRAG TEG Member